Now more than ever we need
places that put people first, Plan
your next step in response to Covid 19.


Since 2010, STAMP has been working with leading brands, retailers and leisure destinations, to create meaningful connections with customers and make a lasting impression in their sector.

The Covid-19 outbreak caused incredible challenges for retailers and visitor destinations. Whilst the initial response has seen a ‘mend and make do’ approach, many businesses are now looking to plan the next step in making their spaces safe and enjoyable for staff and customers alike.

We can help.


Full spatial review of your site to understand the challenges and opportunities, and how they may be adapted to meet government guidelines.

Change Strategy
Developing a robust approach to visitor numbers, people flow and communicating change to customers.

Connected Design
From carefully planned communications, to store footprint or fixture adaptation, we can design and implement a range of measures that ensure people can continue to enjoy your shops, spaces and services whilst staying safe

AI Technology
We’ve partnered with a UK based AI company to help bring market-leading, unobstrusive contact tracing to large stores and visitor destinations, to allow more vulnerable people to visit with confidence.


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