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With over 100 stores nationwide, Tile Giant had a strong presence but its stores were unimaginative and failing to compete with their main competitor.

The client had the ambition to be top-of-mind in their sector, and bring the brand to life.


Based on our strategic approach, we were given a mandate to totally reimagine the retail format.

We took a deep dive into the customer journey, created dedicated zones for trade and retail customers, and put design and insipration at the centre of the experience.


Striking a balance between robust trade-counter and engaging retail store, Tile Giant now sets a new benchmark in tile retail.

The architecture and material choices are designed to strike a balance between a trusted trade store and consumer retail experience
The service area is not only a place to seek advice, it’s also the place to explore essential additions like grout, trim and underfloor heating.
Hero ranges are given special treatment so customers can understand the potential in the range.
A full suite of communications was developed across navigation, product, promotion and inspiration, reinforcing Tile Giants’ credentials as both experts in product and leaders in value.
Large format, consistent product panels feature easy inspirational imagery, samples and specifications. Not only do they make it easier for he shopper to understand, they are also easier to update in a category with a lot of churn.
Digital tools were deployed with a common sense approach, where they could deploy campaign messaging or enrich an assisted sale.
James Heese, MD Tile Giant says: We shortlisted three design agencies to work with us on developing a new store format.
We chose to work with Stamp because they took the time to really understand our business and the market.

What Stamp delivered far exceeded my expectations and resulted in a best in class concept store that has smashed all our internal targets. Not only did Stamp deliver on our brief, but they were also fantastic to work with throughout the whole process.

Our concept store was shortlisted for a Retail Week 2020 Award which is the first time any Tiling store has ever been shortlisted for these prestigious awards.

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