Bensons for Beds

Promoting better bed times across Britain



In a drive to become top of mind for all bed shoppers, Bensons engaged with STAMP to redefine their in-store communications and proposition messaging


Our research led to the insight that many people were unaware of Bensons’ quality credentials, and found bed shopping confusing and time consuming, often only purchasing on their 3rd visit to a store.


STAMP developed a suite of communications that highlighted the brands’ service offer, guided customers through the product choices and created a sense of real value, not just low prices.

We introduced store wide communications that highlighted the brands’ expertise in the design and manufacture of all of its beds.
A simple but impactful innovation was to introduce product cards that acted as a product focussed take-home to assist a considered purchase. Within 12 months, every bed retailer in the UK had adopted the practice.
We devised The Comfort Code to communicate Bensons’ commitment to quality products and industry leading service
We design and publish omnichannel brochures in support of new products or brand innovations.
We introduced digital communications to Bensons, delivering bi-weekly value campaigns and evolving brand messaging.
In 2017, we led the design strategy for three 18,000sqft megastores, featuring numerous innovations and all opened on Christmas Eve.
We brought personality and humour to the brand, helping customers to understand the offer and develop a connection

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