Ribble Cycles

Delivering ‘possibly the best bike shop in the world’ for the UK cycle brand



Ribble have been hand building bikes in the Ribble Valley since 1897, and have become an emerging force in the cycle industry.

In 2020, they approached STAMP to support them on the next stage of their exciting journey.


We developed a showroom that is as much brand experience as it is functional store.

An immersive, multi sensory space, the store puts the Ribble experience right at the centre – brand, product and heritage – and sets the standard for direct-to-consumer cycle retail.


Early concepts were developed to deliver a single minded expression of the brand and build upon the market leading customer journey you can expect on

The unique custom offer is brought to life with both physical and digital tools, allowing customers to specify every part of their new bike from the frameset up
Laid out on a grid pattern, bikes are the hero in this store, elevated on illuminated plinths with fully digital POS.
The store features what is thought to be the largest indoor video wall in the UK, as well as a signature scent for a holistic sensory experience.
The brand’s virtual showroom Ribble Live, brings the space alive for all customers who can engage a product consultant online and be given a detailed tour of any product.
David Stacey, Commercial Director says: We wanted to create a brand showcase which would define the future of cycle retailing and represent our world-class credentials. From the moment you step into the showroom you enter a truly immersive experience, and it will completely challenge the notion of a traditional bike shop.

Working with STAMP has been a great experience. We set out to create the world’s best bicycle showroom, and from the first meeting it was clear that the team really shared our enthusiasm for what we were trying to achieve. This enthusiasm never faltered, and it was a pleasure to work with STAMP from concept to delivery. STAMP were a true partner throughout this project, and I look forward to working with them again.

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