Winsor & Newton Modular

A modular approach to communicating the worlds finest oil paint range



The Winsor & Newton oil range features 3 core formulations, each designed for specific ways of working.

STAMP were asked to help bring the products to life on fixture for the US market.


A category led approach led us to find the central benefits for each product.

This approach guided the user to get more from their purchase: how to shop it, how to use it and what to use it with.


Bespoke fixtures were developed with the clients fixture supplier to showcase the range.

STAMP devised structures in the communications to prioritise the messaging hierarchy, ensuring the most important messages always appear first.

Vibrant header graphics attract shoppers to the fixture, whilst intriguing, informative panels at the base of the fixture guide them through the range.
Rich imagery uses colour and texture to create segmentation, and also give useful information on the product qualities like gloss and texture, with supporting copy inviting the shopper to explore the range.
The Artists range of oil colour is produced with fine art painting in mind, so we developed narrative around pigment quality, longevity and mixing techniques. The communications are designed so that every artist from novice to professional, can get something from them.
Winton Oil paints uses less pigment and are formulated for large format work, so we included tips on working at scale, as well as insights into the product heritage. Each category benefits from a guide to reading labels to expand the shoppers understanding of the range.
The Artisan Range is unusual in that it is an oil paint that can be mixed with water, so we focussed communications on the unique properties of the product, and the range of additives and mediums that can be used to create texture and transparency.
Head of Shopper Marketing – Colart Brands Stamp get to the heart of Shopper insights tied together with an in depth understanding of the product, to ensure in-store communication is impactful, targeted and delivers return.
All Winsor & Newton brand communications are supported with inspiring, vibrant imagery. STAMP art directed photography to illuminate the copy as well as creating points of interest across the fixture.

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